Business Opportunities

Project Development

PureVision is assembling alliances with private companies, biomass producers and project developers to identify and develop biorefinery projects. PureVision’s pre-commercialization programs include commercial feasibility studies that evaluate and document the many factors involved with developing commercial biorefinery projects in specific locations. PureVision also undertakes feedstock assessments and processing evaluations for producing specific bio-products. PureVision targets industry-specific alliances to scale up the PureVision Technology for target feedstocks and to develop commercial biorefinery projects worldwide.

Contract Research

For over ten years, PureVision has provided contract research services to third-party clients to conduct biomass conversion tests in its laboratories. Currently PureVision has a 35,000 square foot R&D facility inclusive of bench-scale reactors, a pilot-scale continuous reactor, analytical laboratories, drive-in coolers, knife and hammer mills, bag houses, a fermentation bench and a talented technical staff to carry out R&D and tolling services for clients. PureVision has and continues to work with private sector companies, universities and government laboratories to carry out contract research, converting specific biomass varieties into pulps, lignin, xylose, glucose, ethanol, extracts and other targeted products.

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PureVision continues to create collaborations and strategic alliances with major technology and manufacturing companies to provide economical and environmentally sound bio-based products and equipment for applications worldwide.

PureVision is currently collaborating with entities in the following sectors:
  • Biomass feedstock providers and agricultural concerns
  • Consumer and industrial products companies
  • Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical-based companies
  • PureHemp industrial hemp supply chain participants
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Biorefinery developers


During the past two years, PureHemp has been converting industrial hemp into pulp, lignin, sugars and hemp extracts at its biomass processing facility in Fort Lupton, CO. With encouraging results, a comprehensive scale-up initiative is now underway with the goal of developing the first PureHemp refinery in 2016 that will begin producing and selling hemp-based products during 2017. PureHemp is pursuing domestic and international licensing opportunities and hemp refinery development programs with clients and strategic partners to globally deploy the PureHemp technology. For more information, please visit


The PureVision business model is licensing its biomass conversion technologies to industry-specific and feedstock-specific companies interested in developing commercial projects or to apply the PureVision Technology to existing commercial operations. For additional information on technology licensing opportunities, contact .